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We offer a specialty insurance program for certified firearms instructors (individuals and schools) that provides the protection you need when training students to safely handle weapons.

firearms-instructor-classroom-insurance-premiumfirearms-instructor-live-fire-classroom-insurance-premiumIt’s easy to get started on your quote.
Simply download the questionnaire by clicking the button below.



When you’re done, print the questionnaire and sign it.  Ugh! I filled out the pdf form and it was blank when I printed! Here’s how to make it work…

To get your quote, you may submit your signed questionnaire one of three ways:

Phone or email Kevin Morency if you have any questions. By taking the time to discuss your needs, Kevin can tailor an affordable business insurance solution that offers peace of mind, yet still deliver a quote quickly.


Illinois FPV-INS coverage included

Gun Sales Ineligible